Is your business or restaurant facing challenges in maintaining the cleanliness of your Floor Stripping and waxing on a daily basis? Your current staff lacks the proper training for effective restroom cleaning, leading to persistent foul odours. Tidy Janitorial Service is the solution you’ve been looking for. Our team of trained professionals, along with advanced machinery, can rejuvenate your restaurant’s or business’s restrooms, creating an inviting ambience with a pleasant scent for your customers. Backed by our highly trained staff and environmentally friendly products and equipment, we guarantee a thorough deep cleaning during every visit. Our services encompass wiping down partitions, cleaning mirrors and sinks, replacing trash bags, sanitizing the interior and exterior of toilets, addressing neglected areas behind toilets, and polishing all surfaces and sweeping/scrubbing of floors. We are confident that your customers will have a positive experience using your facility’s restrooms.
Acknowledging the challenge of finding dependable workers for proper restroom sanitation, we offer specialized restroom cleaning by our dedicated staff. Let Tidy take care of the challenging task. Contact us at 844-433-8439 or schedule a complimentary walkthrough to discuss your specific needs.