Commercial Cleaning

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Want to make your commercial building unstained and unspotted? Let Tidy Janitorial Services do that for you. Our expert cleaners will remove dust, dirt and stains from your office walls, floor, kitchen, desks and every other area. Also, you can place your trust in our cleaners as we provide comprehensive training so that they can clean all areas efficiently.

We at Tidy Janitorial Services have been providing commercial cleaning services for more than 10 years and deemed the best cleaners due to our high-quality and environment-friendly cleaning procedures. Moreover, as a vegan company, we only use cleaning products that are free of harmful chemicals.

In our services, we use essential oils that not only makes the areas clean but also helps you to stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Furthermore, these oils are highly effective against different types of bacteria and viruses.

Quick and Efficient Commercial Cleaning Service
If your office or commercial establishment is not clean enough, it will look naturally unattractive. For this, you might get fewer customers which might hurt your sales. So, it is very important to get your office cleaned by the most experienced cleaners. But worry not, our professionals are equipped with the necessary skills and expertise in cleaning all types of commercial areas efficiently, and they will use a wide range of tools and techniques to make your establishment spotless.

From vacuuming to mopping, and sanitising the different parts of your office, everything will be carried out systematically by our specialist cleaners. They will arrive on time to start the cleaning service and will complete it quickly and with care to minimise your business downtime.

We offer the commercial cleaning service on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly schedule. But you can also book the service at a convenient time. At Tidy Janitorial Services, we provide the cleaning service in Atlanta, Georgia, Houston, Texas and other areas.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning with Natural Cleaners and Essential Oils
As a vegan company, we only use essential oils and natural cleaning products in our services that are safe and help you stay fit, healthy and free of diseases.

For cleaning the commercial area we use Lavender, Eucalyptus and Orange oil. These essential oils are not only aromatic but are mood enhancers as well. Additionally, they help in removing dirt, dust and other particles from the different surfaces in your office.

These oils are rich in anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents do not contain any sort of synthetic agents that might be hazardous for the health. Rather, these oils will protect you and the employees in your office from the various diseases caused by microorganisms.

The benefits of using these oils are many. For instance, when we use

Eucalyptus oil – You and your employees will be protected from different types of allergens that cause inflammation since this oil contains anti-microbial agents.

Lavender oil – The sweet fragrance will keep you and your employees elated throughout the day. Also, this oil helps in killing different types of viruses, bacteria and fungus at bay.

Orange oil – You and your employees will be protected from various types of germs in your office. Additionally, this oil is anti-septic and its fragrance is indeed stimulating.

Along with these oils, we also use different natural cleaning products that help you to stay healthy without increasing your carbon footprint. So, for a comprehensive commercial cleaning service, call us now.

Let Us Make Your Office Pristine Clean
Making your office fully clean is our commitment, and for that, we carry out the cleaning following the best methods. Also, choose us because

  • We are a vegan company and use environment-friendly cleaning solutions and methods to make your office clean
  • Our cleaners are trained and certified in commercial cleaning
  • The cleaners arrive on time to start the cleaning and complete it on time
  • We only use natural cleaning solutions and essential oils free of harmful chemicals
  • You can schedule our commercial cleaning service online and at a convenient time
  • We guarantee that our commercial cleaning service will leave you satisfied
  • Our commercial cleaning services are reasonable

Therefore, when it comes to commercial cleaning, we have all the resources to meet your varied needs.

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At Tidy Janitorial Services, we provide all-inclusive eco-friendly commercial cleaning services at the best prices. So, to book our service or to get a cleaning quote, get in touch with us now.