Residential Carpet Cleaning in Georgia

Reliable Residential Carpet Cleaning Service

Breathe the freshness of a carpet with a

A clean carpet does not only look good to the eyes or friendly to the feet; it is also healthy for the users. Ensure your carpet is dirt-free using safe cleaning materials and techniques that preserve the quality of your carpet whenever you opt for Tidy Janitorial Services.

Using the latest and most reliable tools, we specialize in green solutions for cleaning all forms of dirt off any type of carpet to help you breathe the freshness of a carpet with a new life. Our deep cleaning techniques remove stains, odor, and grime from any carpet. It also prevents the growth of mold and over-saturation from having too much water.

Keeping your building safe for carpet cleaning

There is a limit to how much of your carpet you can clean. Over time, more dirt and stains accumulate that your regular vacuuming and other cleaning techniques can no longer sort them out. Carpet cleaning is a hectic task to take on alone, which is why you need professional help to sort it out. While you wait for the professional to take on the task, here are some things you can do to keep your building and property safe to ensure you have the best possible results.

  • Vacuum the carpet so that the cleaners can get right into the main business as soon as they arrive. This saves time and could cut down the cost if on an hourly rate.
  • Create space on the driveway to ensure the cleaning agency can park their van as close to the house as possible to improve access to the tools.
  • Declutter the room and room items from the floor to prevent them from being sucked up by the cleaning equipment.
  • Wear earmuffs for your toddlers to protect them from the noise during the cleaning and watch them closely to ensure they don’t wander away and get hurt.
  • Pay close attention to your pets during the duration of cleaning
  • People who have allergies should stay away from the cleaning site to avoid triggers
  • Roll up your full-length curtains about six inches off the ground to prevent moisture. You may flip them over the curtain rods.
  • Move delicate and valuable items away from the cleaning areas to ensure they are not knocked over.
  • Move the light furniture off the carpet to prevent them from getting in the way and ensure people don’t trip over them.